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  • A Biotech Company Located North of the Arctic Circle gets Name, Visual ID and Website

    A promising Biotech startup, with 20 million in funding, asked me by the end of 2013 for help with name, logo, identity and website. Head office and laboratory was to be located north of the Arctic Circle in the Norwegian university and biotech hub; Tromso, on the edge of the Barents Sea where the the cold snowmelt and the warm Gulf Stream meet and creates a rich biological life. The business idea was to develop industrial

    enzyme solutions for upgrading bio-waste – fx feathers – to valuable protein. Both the Danish founder and the Norwegian investor was keenly interested in the Viking age. In the spring of 2015 after two years of succesfull product development and the establishment of headquarters, laboratory and development department in Copenhagen, the investor decided to stop the funding.





  • Redesign of webshops for one of Denmarks largest retail chains

    The small, super talented and rapidly growing design agency AM was responsible for the redesign of Coop.dks logo and the development and implementation of coop.dks new strategy. From a few goods in many categories to seven specialty shops. AM made shop logos, identity and offline material for the new stores,

    but lacked, at that time, the digital competence and asked me for help. I was responsible for the design and logic of the production presentation in close cooperation with and AM. won in May 2015 the prestigious E-commerce award E-handelsprisen for best web store.




  • “We are not patients”

    Steno Diabetes Center operates in three primary areas. Life (quality) prolonging patient treatment at their clinic. Continuing education of health professionals and diabetes research at their research center.

    An important tool for knowledge sharing and communication to patients, health professionals and researchers is of course their website. And it needed a thorough redesign to support this.

    Interfazes (now Advice) and I got the job done jointly with Netcompany (development and implementation)

    To understand the three target groups and identifying their needs, we held focus groups with each group, interviewed selected Steno employees and held a series of workshops where we outlined userflows with the users.

    We learned, of course, a lot about diabetes and that the three target groups have very different needs.

    Regarding the “patients” we learned that they do not see themselves as patients but as ordinary people who happen to have diabetes.

    They prefer to be approached with optimism, energy and zest for life – not pity and medicalization. And they would very much like to have access to their own information and action plans.






  • The Danish Ministry of Foreign affairs gets a Redesigned Responsive Intranet

    There was a mild pressure on the intranet web team from users who wanted mobile access. For many State Department employees an important part of their work is to be fully updated on the latest news from the world’s hotspots and know the State Department’s position on this. The intranet is therefore an important and used source of information. A mobile-friendly

    solution do indeed offer great value for them. Interfazes (now Advice) was in charge of IA and needs analysis. Delegate was responsible for development and implementation. And I made the design and responsive solution in conjunction with the above plus UM’s web team. I really appreciate those cooperation projects. It adds great value to the final solution.






  • Complete rethinking and redesign of Danfoss websites

    User experience consultancy Interfazes (now merged with Advice) has for many years helped Danfoss with developing online solutions. And I have for many years helped Interfazes as UX and digital designer. When Danfoss needed a complete rethinking and design of their online channels we were hired for the job.
    Danfoss goal was to make all country pages, subsidiaries, product pages and campaign pages accessable from any page – with very few clicks.

    It was a challenging and visionary task which was developed in close cooperation with Danfoss and (unfortunately) less closely with their American IT / CMS vendor.
    In a subsequent global Danfoss campaign, the entire universe has turned very red. A difficult color in large quantities – online.





  • Redesign of the case management system for scandivanias largest personal assistance company

    SOS International is owned by 24 Nordic insurance companies and is a market leader in personal assistance for Nordic customers. Their service ranges from helping expats caught in natural disasters, a tourist who breaks his back in Thailand to a family who engine failure in Europe – or in Denmark for that matter. Just to mention a few examples.
    SOS International is usibf a case management system to handle all these cases that often are extending over many days and involving many different handlers and local suppliers.
    The system was sprouted over the years and had become so complicated that both using and managing it was tedious.
    As a large part of the staff is season workers – eg students during their summer vacation – there was a good business case in getting a better case management system.

    SOS International hired me to identify needs and create a clickable prototype. This would act as requirement specification and as a tool to sell and verify content and logic internally.

    Through six months I made desktop research and outlined user scenarios in collaboration with different user groups.

    Between our workshops I processed the sketches into a clickable semi designed evergrowing prototype.

    At intervals, the prototype was presented to selected departments and the management team. Most often to standing ovations.

    I did a good job – of course – but I see the ovation as an indication of the value of involving the end user in product development and the power of presenting the results in a format that is readily understandable for everybody.

    Professionally it was a very satisfying project. But it only succeeded because SOS International had the courage to walk the path, and provided a dedicated and very clever IT project manager – thank you Hanne :).





  • UX and design for Novozymes’ “webshop”

    2008. Now, would you belive that you can shop enzymes online if you have access to Novozymes Customer Center? And of course you can also benefit from smart features and product information so that you can keep track of your shopping.

    There was a very strict corporate policy about colours and shapes, and ‘Novozymes being a global player cannot just stick to streamlined Scandinavian grey’, their Brasilian CMO claimed. And I fully agreed! The solution was created in a close cooperation between me, Novozymes, Userminds and Netcompany.


  • Sugar on the pill

    Penge- og Pensionspanelet (The Money and Pension Panel) was established in 2008 by the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth with the aim of encouraging the Danish consumers’ interest in and insight into financial products and services.

    In the long term the intention was to establish a portal loaded with e-learning, quizzes and games. The first step was about establishing an online representation and creating a visual identity, though – and together with Advice Digital I took care of this.






  • Microsoft and EEA teaming up for the environment

    2008. The portal Eye on Earth combined scientific, environmental data with the users’ personal observations. In phase 1 the portal displayed information about the quality of European bathing water and the intention was to expand to all global, environmental areas.

    EEA (The European Environment Agency) and Microsoft signed a 5-year agreement with Microsoft delivering the technical part of the solution (Virtuel Earth) and EEA the scientific data. My job was to UX the website and design the user interface.



  • Image and product campaign

    2007. Alongside the introduction af a series of new bank account types with no daily fees and enhanced consultancy Danske Bank wanted to launch a combined image and product campaign.

    I was hired by Framfab to art direct the online part of the campaign. The concept ‘Mix the best of two worlds’ was developed in cooperation with &Co and Sepia. The basic idea of the films is to mix classical music with modern sound, the online execution was more about product benefits and conversion. After one month of campaigning customers had to wait three weeks to get a new account.



    Presentation of the “Mix Your Own Sound Mix” competition



    View the Commercial Harp/Human Beatbox



  • Online universe to “inject the Arla Spirit”

    2007. It can be quite a bit to chew when you as a new employee have to enter a 20.000+ staff company with colleagues ranging from mechanics over diary workers to biochemists and trend researchers.

    Therefore Arla Foods requested an online introduction course ‘injecting the Arla Spirit’ and describing the various

    roles and functions within the company plus Arla Foods’ position in society.I worked together with Userminds and a team from Arla Foods to construct a flat structured, visual universe serving the information in appropriate portions. The result was simple, appetizing and clear.




  • Structure and design of shopping portal for 20,000 employees

    2007. Like many other companies before them Arla Foods one day found themselves with an intranet solution that had grown in many different directions – with nothing left of the initial, intuitive structure or navigation. They also wanted to streamline all purchases through a joint purchasing portal.

    To ensure a user-friendly solution they asked Userminds and Trine Madsen to help developing concept and design centered on users’ needs and expectations.
    Userminds took care of analysis and content structure and I was responsible for UX-design and graphic design, using a colour scheme deriving from the perception of what it takes to produce milk of the highest quality.



  • Donate with your feet

    Med over 50.000 deltagere i ECCO Walkathon fordelt på 5 lande er informationsbehovet stort op til afviklingen. Hjemmesiden skal give denne information på en enkel og overskuelig måde og samtidig håndtere online køb af billetter, T-shirts mv.

    Visuelt valgte jeg at bygge sitet op omkring livebilleder, så brugeren umiddelbart kan se hvad det handler om. Struktur og navigering er holdt helt simpelt, så alle kan være med.

    Skabt i samarbejde med & Støttrup og Arensbak



  • Design of online credit card terminal for shop staff

    2005. What should a virtual credit card terminal from the leading Danish supplyer of payment systems look like? The brief from DIBS said: professional and delicious!



  • Redesign and IA of administration system for DIBS’ customers

    The year is 2004. When you buy a DIBS payment system it is accompanied by a super cool administration system where you eg. can follow each and every single transaction and get hourly statistics over the trade in your store.

    I worked out the navigation, user course and tables to make the user interface more intuitive and even match DIBS’ existing website design.

    DIBS later merged with a Swedish company.



  • Name, logo, corporate identity and website

    Two girls jumped out of the treadmill and started their own UX company. The girls were well prepared, cool and quite different from their pinstriped competitors.

    From this story I created their name, logo, corporate identity and website.

    Many years later the girls merged themselves into Advice Digital and later on only Advice. But that is another story…








  • Portal til forældre til børn der tisser i sengen

    2001. Ferring producerer det hormon, som over 50% af sengevædere mangler, og ønskede derfor at lave en portal målrettet til forældrene. Portalen skulle afdramatisere og afmystifisere det problem, der ofte påvirker hele familien. Designet skulle tage udgangspunkt i en kampagne, med håndtegnede skitser.

    Jeg valgte et natfarve univers, med et simpelt design, som formmæssigt spillede på papirklip, for at signalere at det var et site for mennesker lavet af mennesker.




  • The first real internet bank in Denmark

    The year is 2000. Two former bankers wanted to establish a bank that was a 100 % different from traditional banks. The bank should be located only in cyberspace and the product range should be simple – a current account and a credit account. And no fees! This was new stuff back in 2000.

    Working as an art director at AHEAD/Valtech I participated in the process of inventing the name Basisbank and structuring and designing the website around the payoff:

    “Sådan har du aldrig fået bank før”.

    The website and the campaign (and the product ;-)) was a success and Basisbank had more than 20.000 new clients within the first couple of months. Furthemore, the website was voted best Danish banking website by Børsens Nyhedsmagasin.



Donate with your feet

Med over 50.000 deltagere i ECCO Walkathon fordelt på 5 lande er informationsbehovet stort op til afviklingen. Hjemmesiden skal give denne information på en enkel og overskuelig måde og samtidig håndtere online køb af billetter, T-shirts mv.

Visuelt valgte jeg at bygge sitet op omkring livebilleder, så brugeren umiddelbart kan se hvad det handler om. Struktur og navigering er holdt helt simpelt, så alle kan være med.

Skabt i samarbejde med & Støttrup og Arensbak